Where it All Started


Christina’s love for fitness is rooted in her participation with and love for sports that she developed at an early age. She grew up in a sports-orientated family and was engaged into dance and soccer at an early age. Her passion for sports continued throughout her youth and teen years where she pursued competitive sports including soccer, volleyball and track. These higher intensity, high cardio activities played a significant role in her fitness regime and what it meant to her to workout.

Years later after graduating from Duke University and while pursuing a career in media and tech in NYC, Christina found that the majority of fitness classes and training available focused on high intensity and high repetition exercise. This style of training delivered a similar rush from familiar youth sports activities, however they left her feeling fatigued, ravenous and heavier. Frustrated with the available options, she reverted back to a familiar activity from her youth- running. In her mid 20s though, and after sitting at a desk all day, she found her body responded much differently to running. Her legs bulked up and she found herself in a chronic pattern of overtraining. All pain, no gain.

She read about a celebrity trainer Justin Gelband and had the distinct pleasure of training with him in NYC. His background was heavily rooted in sports as well, but he approached fitness much differently. Grounded in applied functional science, his method hinges on slow, controlled movements that foster an active brain-body connection. Her training with Justin left a lasting impression and propelled her to dedicate herself to her passion for health and fitness.

Through her studies with the Gray Institute and NASM, Christina has continued Gelband’s method, pairing together a physical therapy based understanding and functioning of the body with sports medicine focused goals and program design. In doing so, she creates unique, individualized programs for her clients. Her specialized approach creates workouts that her clients look forward to. While treating each body differently, Christina maintains a central theme of restoring each client to proper postural alignment and physical awareness so that they in turn can achieve a natural, long lean, fit and toned physique. Christina lives and trains in NYC and the Hamptons and is available for lessons both in person and online via FaceTime.