Happy Bodies are our Specialty

Christina goes above and beyond to help me grow in my understanding of her method and get results fast. She’s meticulous, personable, and professional. Within a few weeks of working with her I am noticeably leaner. Unlike other high-impact workouts, Christina’s workouts makes my body feel refreshed and balanced—not sore and stressed. She’s helped me see that I don’t have to beat myself into the ground to get amazing results.
— Natalie
Christina is everything you would want in a trainer: hyper-precise about form, motivational, creative, and pushes you without fear of injury. I’ve seen my body become leaner and more toned under her guidance, and her workouts have translated into safer and more intentional movement in my everyday life. Added bonus: she’s just so fun to be around—our workout sessions feel like I’m catching up with a friend while getting my butt in shape. What more could you want?
— Sanhita

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If ever you thought that there are areas of your body that are “hopeless” or you feel that you are generally beginning to lose muscle tone do not despair. Simply start working out with Christina! After working with Christina for less than 3 months the results are truly astonishing. I can see a change after every workout. I am leaner and longer in every way. I was at the point where I thought I should maybe not wear shorts or sleeveless anymore, Christina proved me wrong. I also have more energy and feel much more equipped to tackle my job which requires a lot of stamina. The method Christina employs literally makes your body look chiseled, it really works like true body sculpting. The workouts are intense, increase my body awareness and my balance. If you are looking for visible results and a trainer who is kind and personable look no farther than Christina!
— Elisabeth
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After 10 years of trying different workout methods/instructors, I finally have found my match! Working with Christina has changed my body, and consequently, has changed my life. This is the first time I have ever been ecstatic about my results which has made me more confident and happy overall. I cannot say enough good things about Christina. She is personable, friendly, and pays very close attention to detail. Christina edits her movements and focus based on who she is working with or the changes she sees in her clients bodies. I look forward to our workouts and plan to never leave her!
— Arielle

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For years, I tried every type of workout class in NYC which left me frustrated, exhausted, and riddled with painful injuries. Last year, just when I thought my goals were impossible, I found Christina and Long Lean Club, and truly my life changed. Not only have my workouts with Christina helped me lose 30 pounds and completely transformed how my body looks, the principles of LLC have positively influenced my day-to-day movements and body functionality, from my posture at my desk job to how I reach for things on a high shelf. The secret sauce to LLC is Christina — she’s everything you could ever want in a trainer. She’s incredibly attentive, form-focused, and encouraging. I always look forward to my sessions with Christina because they feel like I’m working out with a friend. Now that I’ve found LLC, I’m never going back. My body is stronger, leaner, and healthier than its ever been, and with Christina and LLC, it’s only getting better from here!
— Ruchi
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Where do I start? Christina is a rare breed, combining three exciting things almost never found in one trainer. First, her genuine love for all things wellness, a devotion to increased functionality and mobility through exercise, and a healthy fascination with the study of the human body are all unparalleled. Second, her innate understanding of how that body works means training with her yields unusually impactful, outsize results. And lastly, her sunny personality and continued encouragement means she is a pure delight to work with.

Christina truly cares, and I have been remarkably impressed that she crafts each session in coordination with a client, making sure to address any weaknesses while bolstering strengths. Her motivation to improve upon her careful method means she is constantly innovating, with exciting new additions that bring even better results. Even during FaceTime sessions, I have been continually amazed by her impressive ability at recommending the slightest form adjustments that increase the precisely targeted body part’s reaction.

I could go on and on - suffice to say, Christina is a national treasure.
— Brooke